Popballs is promoted by Komal Toys. Our store offers a wide range of products for children to play. Among them there are plastic, coloured balls, which are used in ball pits and play area. If you already have a ball pit, you can choose ready-made sets of balls in various colors. All products in our offer (plastic balls among them) are safe for children. We offer balls in lively, contrasting colours as well as in delicate, pastel colors. In our store you can find sets of 12-200 balls. With so many colours and sizes you can choose a product that suits your individual expectations and will give your children really great fun.

First of all – safety. We use only non-toxic materials that are safe for children, from the main raw materials, dyes to small elements, such as tags or threads.

If you are looking for wholesale quantities of plastic balls directly from the manufacturer – you are in the right place. You can customize your order according to your requirement in the customizer page.

We use our own machine for production of plastic balls and control the entire process starting from product creation, through production, ending at distribution.

To get more information please contact us at: sales@popballs.in